GAJCOM d.o.o., seit 1993

21 Jahre Erfahrung in Textil - Druck, Sieb- und Digitaldruck.

Wir drucken textilien, T-shirts, Jacken, Regenschirme, Tacshen usw

Weitere Informationen: + 386 (0)1 54 22 300.

Druck ist immer von guter Qualität, immer unter Berücksichtigung auf Ihre Wünsche.

GAJCOM d.o.o.

Großhandel mit Bekleidung und Siebdruck-Shop

  • Gajcom d.o.o.
  • Pot heroja Trtnika 45
  • 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
GAJCOM is GREEN, because
  • we only use ink and cleaning solutions that are ecologucal and do not harm people or the environment. All our print is also suitable for childrens clothing.
  • we produce very little waste, and the waste we do produce, is being carefully separated
  • we only import from manufacturers close by to ensure a very low carbon imprint - our t-shirts are mainly from France and Turkey, paper from Greece, ink from italiy ... all the products we import, have certificates of safety.
  • also the green view from our show room is something that needs to be recognized. Feel free to use it to recharge your batteries any time.

We have been working for a long time, but we are still enthusiastic about our work. We are not affraid of challenges and we love to give it a go even when you want something, that seems as though it can not be done.

More to it, we are well avare, that every t-shirt you will give away, will find a specific owner. And we strive to make each one of them happy.

We have grown in time, so now even more room is available for you to browse through our catalogues and samples. Welcome!