Frequently asked questions

1. Which printing techniques do you use?

We print in several techniques, we can print in multi-color, and our prints are always durable.

  • Silkscreen (direct to garment silkscreen in multi color)
  • Foil (single and multi-colored)
  • DTG (Direct to Garment Print)
  • Cromablast (multi-color printing on light coloured cotton)
  • Sublimation (multi-color printing on bright coloured polyester products)
2. What is the resistance

All prints are washable at up to 40 degrees.
We recommend that you wash your shirt turned inside-out, avoid washing t-shirts with towels and jeans. Dry all printed t-shirts on air and do not iron on print.
This way all printed t-shirts remain beautiful for a very long time.

3. Which t-shirts do you reccomend? Can you advise about the quality of material? I need the sizes 3XL and 4 XL aswell.

Our customers are most satisfied with the cotton t-shirts that are a bit thicker, at least 190 grams. We also have sizes up to 5XL, but not in all colors and designs.
The final choice depends on the type of t-shirts that you need - if you need unisex or also lady cut, what colours you prefere and of course on the purpouse you are buying the t-shirts for.
We are always happy to help you choose the right t-shirts for your specific needs.

4. The maximum size of print? A3? Even more?

Usually we do not print more than 33x45 cm designs, but if you have only really big t-shirts, we will add some. A3 is usually more than enough.
To save the cost, usualy our customers print the design in the same size to all sizes of t-shirts.

5. How do I prepare the design?

Graphics can be vectors (.cdr, .ai, .pdf vector ...) or images (.jpg or .psd)
It is usually best to send us what you have, if there are changes or modifications needed, we will let you know.

6. Can you print a sample of 1-5 pieces on different sizes of T-shirts?

Of course, we can also make samples.
We normally use DTG for this.
The output is very similar to screen printing. It is durable, goes on all colors of T-shirts, and is very low-cost for small series and samples.
If you need an identical sample, we can also make a silkscreen sample. But you need to be sure of what you want, because any changes to the sample are connected to cost.